UniSoft Imaging provides document imaging solutions with high quality imaging software, technical support, and application development services. Add quality document imaging display, compression, decompression, print, annotations, and bar code recognition with UniSoft Imaging’s API.

What We Do

Elephants, Ngorongoro Crater, 2019 by Calvin Aiken
Elephants, Ngorongoro Crater, 2019, Calvin Aiken

UniSoft Imaging has been providing high quality document imaging software, technical support, and application development services for over 25 years.

UniSoft Imaging Document Imaging Toolkit supports most document imaging standards (Tiff Group 3, Tiff Group 4, PCX, JPEG, BMP, and many more). Functions are available for decompression, compression, scaling, rotation, barcode recognition, TWAIN scanning, image clean-up, image conversion to PDF Format, image merging, and image editing. Document Imaging Toolkits, documentation, and example applications are available for all versions of Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Through its partner company, CASJ, UniSoft Imaging provides high quality Photostat capture and conversion. Scanning can be done at the customer location, and then every image is checked for quality scanning and conversion. These same routines can also be used to convert microfilm, aperture cards and other difficult to scan documents.

Hippos, Ngorongoro Crater, 2019 by Calvin Aiken
Hippos, Ngorongoro Crater, 2019 by Calvin Aiken

Our Mission

    To provide the best document imaging software, consulting, and technical support in the document imaging marketplace. We want to be your document imaging solution.

Company Profile

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Puffins, Iceland by Calvin Aiken
Puffins, Iceland by Calvin Aiken

UniSoft Imaging is a privately held company that has been providing document imaging solutions and support for over 25 years.

Some of our customers include:

  • Alpha Systems
  • Banctec
  • Bell and Howell
  • Cisco Systems
  • Datatree Corporation
  • Digital Check Corporation
  • Florida State Tax Commission
  • Northrup Grumman Data Systems
  • Hermes Precisa Australia
  • Image API
  • Kofax
  • Kodak
  • Los Angeles County
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Mississippi State Tax Commission
  • University of Arkansas
  • Viking Software Solutions
  • Wausau Financial Systems
  • Xerox