As new features are requested, UniSoft Imaging adds them to the UniSoft Imaging Toolkit. While technically supporting our customers, questions and suggestions lead to new features and better performance.

October 24, 2022

Cape Buffalo, Lake Naivasha, Kenya by Calvin Aiken
Cape Buffalo, Lake Naivasha, Kenya, Calvin Aiken
  • Added Datamatrix Barcode Recognition to imaging library.
  • Currently working on project involving Alchemy Image Files and new Fraud detection software.
  • UniSoft Imaging wrote a land record viewer for Xerox and continues to supply photostat and microfilm conversion/clean-up software to XEROX/Conduent County Government Group.
Warthog, Kenya, 2019 by Calvin Aiken
Warthog, Kenya, 2019 by Calvin Aiken

List of Previous Projects/Activities Completed for Customers

  • Wrote Twain Drivers and Windows Twain Interface
  • Involved with the FSTC Check Standard Committee
  • Wrapped both Tesseract and Abbyy OCR engines to make integration easier for customers
  • Included Scanner Drivers under Windows, Linux, and Mac for all Digital Check Scanners
  • Added Scanner Drivers for Fuji Check Scanners
  • Wrote RS232 applications to control Juke Boxes
  • Included a Mikel Microfilm Scanner Interface
  • Converted software used to capture and convert over 40 million Microfilm and Photostat Pages
  • Assisted with debug of Raspberry PI based Finger Print Application
  • Assisted with engineering drawing applications used at Arco, Caterpillar, and Ford/New Holland
  • Wrote barcode recognition software used by Banctec and Northrop Grumman
  • Worked with Hermes Precisica on New Zealand Census
  • Worked on City of Chicago Mugshot program with Sayers Computer System